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Indian Weddings

Indian Weddings

The day & event of marriage is a singular moment in the history of person, marking a new beginning for years and Shubh Vivvah helps in celebrate it in extraordinary ways; the gift of life, and the endless stream of time.  >> more

Theme Weddings

Theme Weddings

Theme weddings take up a major place in our elite society now. Being different is the latest Mantra. Shubh Vivvah helps you make a individual statement by organizing various Theme Weddings. >> more

Events & Functions

Events & functions

Indian wedding celebrations include a number of pre-wedding functions, Sangeet party, bridal Mehndi functions and other serious rituals like exchanging vows and the ring ceremony which Shubh Vivvah organizes perfectly. >> more

How We Work:-

We Believe In Perfection- At Shubh Vivvah – we understand the importance of providing solutions to the many diverse and demanding needs and strive to deliver them flawlessly and in a perfect manner. We make your wedding planning experience exciting, easy and efficient by providing all services under-one-roof. From helping you decide the venue, assisting you with decor and themes, photography and videography as well as planning your wedding budget.

We Personalize According To Your Requirements- We know that your personal style comes first and our endevour is to plan the arrangements in keeping with your tastes and standards of elegance.

Shubh Vivvah Plans One Wedding At One Time- We work on one wedding at a time so that we can make your wedding day memorable and everything goes on smoothly. We also save your time and money and most importantly take away all the stress associated with planning a wedding.